This guide will help you to complete the short-event assassination that is available in the Emissary: Zealot Assassination.

Mission Rewards

RewardsDrop Rate
Pathocyst BP33.33%
Pathocyst Blade33.33%
Pathocyst Subcortex33.33%

Mission Guidance


  • Mesa or Saryn is the best recommendation Warframe for this particular assassination.
  • It is a must to have Mesa’s Peacemaker maxed out or having a good weapon like a Zaw, Kitgun or other weapons that are strong enough for Saryn.
  • Remember to bring Energy Pads and to max out Zenurik’s Energizing Dash to keep the energy more consistent.
  • Equip Gas elemental damage in your arsenal since it’s the boss’s weakness.
  • I would recommend bringing Magus Lockdown to lock down the boss from teleporting.

Mission Details

  1. Phase 1: At the start of the mission, skip every enemy to reach your objective. At the objective, Zealoid Prelate will introduce himself to you.
  2. Use Magus Lockdown to suspend Zealoid Prelate. Then use your weapon and shoot Zealot with a headshot. He will make his companions invulnerable and retreat once his HP drops to around 50-60% and a new objective will appear.
  3. Don’t bother to kill infested enemies around the map since they are invulnerable and focus on reaching the objective to face Zealoid Prelate one more time.
  4. Phase 2: After completing reaching to Zealoid Prelate, do not shoot him and wait till another assassination objective cue appears. This will signal you to kill Zealoid Bastion, a subordinate to Zealoid Prelate, to drop Arlo’s Light lamp. When picking up the lamp, kill the infested surrounding the lamp to sustain the light for Preludes invulnerability.
  5. After picking up the lamp, go back to Zealoid Prelude and stay near him ( make sure he stays in the light range to disable his invulnerability ) then damage him. When Zealoid Prelate’s total health dropped to 16.7%, he will force the lamp to break and knocking Warframe that is holding the lamp down. He then links other infested in range and consumes them to regain his health. Kill these linked enemies fast to stop his healing and reducing his health back to the original hp ( using Saryn / Mesa abilities for fast-killing ).
  6. After all linked enemies are destroyed, Zealoid Prelude will return to his invulnerability phase. Repeat these processes of Phase 2 till the Prelate is dead.


  1. Phase 1: Damage Prelate health to 50%
  2. Phase 2: Kill Zealoid Bastion. | Grab the light dropped from him to the Prelude to remove his invulnerability. | Damage the Prelude till his health reduced 16.7% of his total health. | Start killing infested enemies that are linked to him to stop his healing phase. | Repeat till the Prelate is dead.

Zealoid Prelate Assassination Builds

Saryn Zealoid Assassination Build

Saryn Build For Zealot Assassination

Saryn is a little bit trickier than the Mesa’s path, slower but easier if you don’t want a timing method.

  • During the second phase, activate Toxin Lash to increase your weapon’s Gas damage ( toxin buff added to the Gas ).
  • When the Zealoid heals up, use Spores then Miasma to kill the infected surrounding him in a quick way.

Mesa Zealoid Assassination Build

Mesa Build For Zealot Assassination
  • Fight the boss mostly using Mesa’s Peacemakers as the main DPS for the remainder of the run.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can use Magus Lockdown as an advantage as it would trap the Zealoid for an amount of time, enough for you to land headshots.
  2. Focus on the objective and do not kill any infected that is not related to the objective.
  3. Zealoid’s Baston’s cue is the sliver light coming from him, so kill him first then the surrounded infested to continue to the next objective.
  4. Before the lamp breaks, go into the Operator’s Void Mode to avoid knockdowns.

Speedrun Tricks

  1. Mesa is the fastest method for this run.
  2. Use Operator’s Dash to move faster with the cost of using energy pads.


  1. Zealoid heals very fast if there are more infested linked to him. If you are too late then he will end up getting full hp.
  2. Zealoid Baston sometimes spawn at really random spots, this will make you harder to locate him.
  3. Sometimes Ancient Healers will grab you and slow you down.


  1. Zealoid is not affected by desecration abilities.
  2. You can drop Arlo’s Light.
  3. This mission is extremely special as it is the only mission that spawns a ” turning ” enemy type that was a Grinner Helion called Undying Fryer and Leaping Thrasher.

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