This build will help you to maximize Trinity’s potential with certain popular builds in the Warframe community and provide you with strategies to use those builds.

Warframe Abilities

Abilities Summary

  • Well Of Life: Restore the enemy’s health completely but immobile the target to the air. Any attacks to the target from the allies will restore their health by a percentage.
  • Energy Vampire: Restore energy for you and the allies that stand in the energy vampire’s pulse while damaging the target.
  • Link: Reduce incoming damage to Trinity while transferring the enemy’s damage toward any linked targets.
  • Blessing: Restore health and shield with an additional damage reduction buff.


  • Pool Of Life: Targeted enemy, when killed, will drop 4 health orbs with 25% chances for an energy orb.
  • Vampire Leech: Convert excess energy into shields and over shields.
  • Abating Link: Linked enemies have their armor reduced by 45%.
  • No Augment for Blessing

Trinity Prime Builds

Trinity Prime Energy Vampire ( EV ) Build

Trinity Prime Energy Vampire (EV) Build

Build Requirement

Your Operator must have Magus Repair to restore health when you stay in Void Mode.

Build Usage

  • Activate Energy Vampire to draw energy from a target.
  • if your health is dropped to 2 HP and your energy starts to drop when getting damaged then go straight to the Operators Void Mode to regain health and activate Energy Vampire

Trinity Prime Blessing Build

Build Requirement

The operator must have both Magus Repair and Magus Lockdown to control the situation and quick-heal the Warframe.

Trinity Prime Blessing Build

Build Usage

  • Use Blessing to heal yourself and your teammates while giving them some damage reduction.
  • Activate Energy Vampire and make sure to kill the enemy to release all four energy pulses.



  • Trinity is one of the best supporters in the game.
  • Can sustain the teams energy constantly.
  • She has a pretty good damage resistance .


  • Limited build varieties.
  • Long casting time.
  • Trinity’s Well Of Life is almost useless.

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