This build still works in Update 26.1.3. However, it might be outdated due to nerf on later updates so take this information with a grain of salt.

Build Requirements

Players must have these mods in order to make the weapon work extremely well.

  • A riven is a must due to the weapon’s high riven disposition.
  • 60% Elemental Damage – Status mods.
  • Sacrificial Steel for critical chance.
  • Heavy attack winds up speed mods.

Redeemer Prime Build

Riven Note

You can replace the Riven shown in the build with a damage mod or Gladiator Vice to increase Attack Speed.

Without Condition Overload

Build Usage

  • This build is used for Disruption missions.
  • Since it doesn’t have any Condition Overload, you can replace it for 90% Elemental Damage mods. This is however not required.
  • You can replace Amalgam Organ Shatter for Primed Fury to get higher DPS due to faster attack speed.

With Condition Overload

Build Detail

Build Usage

  • Replace Killing Blow for Prime Fury to get faster attack speed. This will result in lower damage for heavy attack.
  • This build will be stronger if you use normal attacks or combo attacks.
  • Combine this build with a secondary that has a very high status with IPS damage, this will boost this builds strength up significantly.

Redeemer Prime Tridolon Build

Build Usage

  1. Use heavy attack on Eidolons Limbs
  2. Normal attack eidolon when he is down to stack up the combo behind Volts electrical shield until the Eidolon has recovered.
  3. Once Eidolon becomes vulnerable again use the heavy attack for the killing blow



  • Redeemer Prime can deliver a ridiculous chunk of damage with any attacks.
  • Can be used on a variety of builds.


  • Very slow attack speed.
  • Only performs well if it has Status Chance for a guaranteed status proc.
  • Doesn’t work well on Arctic Eximus.

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