This guide will teach you how to defeat the Profit Taker that is located on Orb Vallis and also introduce the Speedrun Strategy and the builds to play in order to defeat the Profit Taker.

Tradition Method


  • This mission requires the Old Mate rank in Fortuna.
  • It will require you to use all weapons with Archgun deployment.
  • Operator AMP recommendations: 441 ( Prism to reset elemental indication, Scaffold to one-shot pylons, brace to increase energy pool to 40 – giving more AMP ammo ) or 44X ( X is any brace you want to insert into the AMP ).


First, Operator Dash with Zenurik to get energy and spawn your Archwing. Then go to the mountain on the left side of the Fortuna entrance.

1. Mountain Location

Reaching the mountain will be the cleanest and smoothest path to reach all of the 3 Profit Taker spawn points.

Stage 1

The Profit Taker will have a Heads Up Display (HUD) indicating the weapon that has elemental damage you need to inflict on the Profit Taker itself. Other damage types will not do damage to PT. Keep shooting with the correct element (elemental damage) to drain all of Profit Takers shields.

Stage 2

Once the shield is drained, summon your Archgun within your Gear slots ( or press the Gear shortcut key ). Shoot all 4 legs of the Profit Taker until they break, try to take it down quickly else the legs will repair themselves. Once the legs are broken shoot on the Profit Taker until you drain his main health down.

Stage 3

After being drained to a certain amount of HP, PT will spawn Pylons to immune its shield. It will have a short animation to spawn pylons ( about 3-5 seconds ), use that time to find Heavy enemies and kill them to reset AW cooldowns. Shoot the pylon down, use either a Punch-through based weapon like the Zenith or dash to the pylon site and use any methods to destroy it. The fastest Tradition method to destroy a pylon if you choose to dash to the pylon site is to shoot it with your Operator’s Phahd Scaffold.Else shoot the pylon with Zenith if you are doing Speedrun method.

Repeat all 3 stages again to drain PT health down to 25%.

Final Stage

After destroying the pylons and PT health is at 25%, PT will go to the final stage. No differences from the previous stages but you need to complete stage 1 and 2 to kill PT. Before PT’s death or when PT’s health reaches to 1%, activate your Effigy ( if you play as Chroma ) to get extra credits drops.

After killing PT, stay there after killing the Profit Taker with your AW active for 15 seconds in order to get the Profit Taker drops.


The overview of the fight can be split into these checkpoints

  • Traveling to Objective
  • Shield Damage A
  • Damage the Profit Taker A
  • Destroy Pylons A
  • Shield Damage B
  • Damage the Profit Taker B
  • Destroy Pylons B
  • Shield Damage C
  • Final Blow to Profit Taker
  • Rewards and Extracts

Weapons Elemental Orders

There is a lot of variation of elemental orders you can go. Here are common variations:


  • Battacor: Magnetic + Puncture + [ Radiation + Viral / Corrosive + Cold ]
  • Zenith: [ Radiation + Viral ] / [ Corrosive + Blast / Heat / Cold ]
  • Tombfinger or Catchmoon: [ Corrosive + Heat + Impact ] or [ Radiation + Magnetic + Impact ]
  • Plague Kriprath: Viral / Gas + Single elemental damage + Slash

Without Exodia Contagion

  • Primary: Radiation + Viral + Slash ( + Puncture depends on the chosen Primary )
  • Secondary: Corrosive + Heat + Impact
  • Melee: Magnetic + Gas

Speedrun Method


The Speedrun strategy follows the same format of the Tradition but having changes :

  • The secret for a WR is the luck of RNG and the speed to kill Profit Taker.
  • The best location of PT spawn is on the left side of the mountain, where it is the closest position to reach Fortuna and save near 15-20 seconds.
  • Stay away from the PT at least 50m or more if you are using Plague Kriprath then double jump and melee attack to spawn Contagion wave and do maximum damage.
  • Memorize your weapon elemental damage status and switch your weapon constantly.
  • Kill any Heavy Unit enemy to reset cooldown timer during the pylon spawn animation. After that, dash to an open location to see the pylon spawn location.
  • When the pylons spawn, aim at them with Zenith and snipe them down before they reach the ground or use Operator Dash while maintaining your Operator Energy with Energy Pads and shoot the pylons point blank with your Amp Scaffold.
  • Some speedrunners will go straight to Fortuna after PT deaths.

Here are the speedrun requirements:

  • All weapons must have riven mods.
  • AMP must be 441 or 4XX.
  • The Contagion melee weapon must have at least +Critical Chance with 1 or 2 additional positive and a negative that doesn’t affect the weapon severely to ensure the time consistency and no time-lost from inconsistent damage.
  • You must have Energy Pads and a shortcut key for Archgun Deployer.

Arch-gun Cooldown

You can skip the arch-gun summoning animation with these 2 commons strategy:

  • During the Archgun spawning animation, before the Warframe grab the weapon, press ESC and go to Option.
  • When the Warframe holster the weapon and their hand doesn’t have any weapon ( near 0.2s), transfer into Operator and go back. This strategy is very fast like a Quick Time Event so time correctly.

You can reduce/reset the Arch-gun cooldown with:

  • Ammo Chain Mod ( reduces cooldown timer.)
  • Heavy Units ( resets timer ).
  • No Arch-gun reload on the first magazine ( reduces cooldown timer ).

Profit Taker Warframe Builds

Chroma Prime

Chroma Prime will be used as a Damage-Per-Second role ( DPS ), dealing main damage toward Profit Taker

When using Chroma with this build, remember to activate and keep the activation consistency of Vex Armor to ensure maximum damage is delivered.
If you want to get double credits, activate Effigy really close to Profit Taker before he dies to get double credits.
Vigorous Swap’s 3-second buff can be really useful to deal with a huge chunk of damage, make sure to utilize it well.

Mirage Prime

DPS role is applied for Mirage Prime, the only requirement is that you must stay in a light area and avoid getting killed by using Health Pads in addition.

Rhino Prime

Rhino is used as a DPS. Moreover, you can actually help your teammate by roaring near them to buff their damage. Remember to prioritize Chroma since he can do the most amount of damage.

Oberon Prime

Oberon’s main purpose will be supporting the teammate

When using Oberon, make sure to spawn Hallowed Ground to negate any elemental damage from Corpus enemies to your teammates. Activate Renewal and keep it active so your teammate won’t die.


Garuda is used as a DPS. The only requirement is that you must use Blood Altar to do damage and avoid death.

Weapon & Companion Builds

Imperator Vandal

You can replace Rubedo-Lined Barrel with Ammo Chain if you use Chroma due to multiplicative damage boost and no reload arch-gun cooldown.

Smeeta Kavat

The main purpose of Smeeta Kavat is to get Charm buffs, especially the 144s double loot drops buff and 45s critical chance+ buffs.


Terminal Velocity is the additional exilus slot you need to add for this build.


Plague Kriprath


Alternative Builds

Rubico Prime

Remember to zoom-in when using Rubico Prime in order to get maximum critical damage.


Note: Catchmoon will result in losing the Radiation element to deal with damage toward Profit Taker.

Redeemer Prime

Mods Note

If you have a Chroma then you can replace +%Damage mod for +%Corpus Faction Damage mods ( Primed Bane of Corpus, Primed Smite Corpus, Primed Expel Corpus ) due to Chroma’s multiplicative damage buff affecting the Corpus Bonus Faction Damage mods.

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