This Nidus builds will provide you with some Nidus builds that you can use in different scenarios and will explain to you the strengths and weaknesses of nidus.

Abilities Summary

  • Passive: Mutation: Every infliction of Nidus abilities on 1 enemy will stack one proportion of the Mutation cycle. Complete the cycle to earn a Mutation stack. Getting more stack will enhance Nidus’s abilities strength.
  • Passive: Undying: Nidus consumes 15 stacks to avoid death, with 50% of his health regenerated and 5 seconds invulnerability.
  • Virulence: Nidus stomps onto the ground, sending an infested spike to the enemy. Each enemy gets hit by this will give Nidus a Mutation cycle and a 25% energy return. Damage of Virulence increases when the Mutation increases.
  • Larva: Nidus sends a larva full of tendrils to grab nearby enemies for a certain amount of duration.
  • Parasitic Link: Nidus either link himself toward the enemy or his allies. Enemies that linked to him will earn full damage that is inflicted to Nidus, giving damage reduction for Nidus aswell. Allies that linked to Nidus will get a certain amount of ability strength enhancement bonus, Nidus will also earn this bonus.
  • Ravenous: Nidus spawns a maggot swarm that will spawn maggots and heals Nidus/allies that in the swarm range. Enemies consumed by maggots will give Nidus a mutation stack. Virulence damage increases to the enemy that is targeted by maggots.

Nidus Builds

Nidus Endurance Survival Build

Nidus Endurance Survival Build

Build Usage

  • Start to group up the enemies with Larva then use Virulence to stack up Nidus mutations. This will let you use other abilities and increase Virulence’s damage up.
  • After you get 1 mutation, link your Nidus toward an enemy by aiming at them and activating Parasitic Link. Your Nidus is now has a very good damage reduction to survive. Remember to link heavy unit enemies in order to survive for a long duration.
  • When you get over 5 mutations, start to activate Ravenous in order to spawn maggots, use Virulence onto maggot targeted enemies in order to get more stack and higher damage output by maggot’s explosion. Not only that, Ravenous will heal you extremely quickly, so make sure to stay in the ability range in order to get this buff.
  • Try to use your weapon to do assistive heavy damage instead of relying on Nidus abilities.

Nidus Larva Burst DPS Build

Nidus Larva Burst DPS Build

Build Usage

  • Activate Larva toward a direction to group nearby enemies
  • Either do damage toward the larva grouped enemies with your gear OR deactivate the ability to do toxin damage on the enemies. The toxin damage accumulates if more enemies are grouped.

Build Benefits

  • Melee’s Condition Overload is hugely benefited by this ability. Deactivate the ability to do toxin damage then use Larva again and shoot a high-status weapon to add more status proc toward the grouped enemies and then melee the hell out of them.
  • Arial of Effect ( AoE ) Weapons can kill enemies faster with this build.

Enhancements And Countermeasures


  • Specters can help Nidus survive longer extremely well. Make sure to spawn an Ancient Healer specter to have damage reduction and Roller / Corrupted Lancer specter for leech effect.
  • Orbiter’s healing post is generally useful for Nidus. Make sure to use it at critical moment of the current session.


  • Remember to bring Health Pads and Energy Pads to measure severe damage or unlinking mistake that can lead to a fast death moment.
  • For your Operator, bring Magus Repair to heal your Nidus and Magus Lockdown during Undying phases to temporally stop surrounding enemies in order for you to find a cover and relinking to have damage reduction and rebuilding the amount of lost Mutations.



  • Nidus is very durable for endless mission.
  • He can do high chunk of damage.
  • Nidus can play with a variety of strategies.
  • Different passive ability style that can help Nidus to survive longer and do higher damage.
  • Nidus is very balanced.


  • Some abilities from Nidus has their limits and disadvantages. Example: Larva only captures enemies that are in it’s Field of View ( FoV ).
  • Medium casting time.

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