This guide will help you complete the new Kuva Lich game mode that became available in Update 26. This guide contains information about Kuva Weapons and available Requiems Combination.

Guide Details

Creating Kuva Lich

  • To start the mission, you must kill the Kuva Larvling in order to create a Kuva Lich.
  • Kuva Larvling will spawn at any high-level Grinner mission, it is a recommendation to go to Adaro – Sedna ( Exterminate ) for this.
  • Image 1 will show you what the Kuva Larvling target looks like.
  • Successfully killing the Larvling ( Image 2 ) will create a Kuva Lich and the mission will start.
1. Kuva Larvling Target
2. Successfully Creating a Kuva Lich Target

Before killing the Kuva Larvling, you can check the Kuva Lich’s signature weapon that the Larviling will signal when he died. Then you will be given two options: Either kill the Larvling to spawn the Lich with the given weapon or extract to find a different Larvling. The choice is yours.

Kuva Lich’s Signature Weapon Signal

Kuva Lich Information

Kuva Lich will introduce you with a name, note this name as there are tons of Kuva Liches in the game with a variety of rewards.

3. Kuva Lich Target Introduction

You can locate the Kuva Lich information and tutorial via the HUD box next to the Intermission ( if there is a Night Wave ) ( image 4 ).

4. Getting Kuva Lich Information

On the left side of the menu you can see ( image 5 ): The rank of the Kuva Lich, The anger meter of the Kuva Lich and the information miscellaneous. On the right side of the menu is the information of the requiems ( image 5 + 11): Attempted Requiems combo, known requiems clues; Parazon modification and the Kuva Lich tutorials.

5. Certain Kuva Lich Target Information

The Kuva Lich will conquer and control some planets that have the red blob ( image 6-7 ) and the amount of the conquered planets depend on the rank of the Kuva Lich shown on the left side of the menu ( image 5 ), doing the missions within the territorial planets of the Kuva Lich ( aka Territorial Missions ) will cause him to steal some of that missions rewards ( Image 8 ).

6. Kuva Lich Controlled Planet(s)
7. Kuva Lich Controlled Territories
8. Stolen Reward

Finding Requiem Mods Clues

  • In order to make the mission easier, you must locate the correct Requiem Combo in order to successfully assassinate the Kuva Lich. You can start to locate one of the possible codes ( aka. Requiem Murmur ) by tracking and killing these special enemies called the Thralls ( image 9 ).
  • Successfully killing one Thrall will fill up a small percentage of the Requiem Murmur circle ( image 10 ). Filling that up will reveal a possible Requiem mod to fill in the Combination for the Parazon ( image 11 ).
  • To fill up 1 Murmur circle, you must kill 30 Thralls ( 1st + 2nd Murmurs ) and 70 Thralls ( 3rd Murmurs ).
  • You can spawn Thralls faster by killing the normal enemies within a Territoried planets mission ( do this like an Exterminate mission ).
9. Executing Merciful Finisher
10. Murmur Circle
11. Known Requiem Reveals

Kuva Lich Assassination Details

  • If you successfully enraged the Kuva Lich ( Anger Meter bar in image 11 reaches to Anger or Fuming and over ) then there’s a chance that the Kuva Lich will spawn into the territorial mission.
  • The Kuva Lich has 3 health bars, equal to each of the 3 Requiem mods within the Requiem Combo that will be used as a vulnerable stage to deplete the health bar. Come with a health bar is a shield bar ( Image 12 ). Although the shield bar is very easy to be depleted, it is rechargeable. With that said, damaging the health bar as soon as you can is a recommendation for an easy run.
  • During the run, if you deplete a health bar, it will have 10 seconds of recharging when he’s down as he’s recovering from the hit. Use this as your advantage to take care of the Thralls that are summoned with the Lich.
12. The Kuva Lich
  • After depleting the health bar down completely, the Kuva Lich will be in a vulnerable stage and the game will show you a prom to execute a Mercy Finisher on him, which will destroy the bar completely. If you have the incorrect Requiem Mod, the game will show you a red with a slash-cut indicating that is the incorrect mod. ( image 14 )
  • The Kuva Lich will retreat if you have incorrect Requiem sequence, increasing the Kuva Lich rank to one ( maximum of 5 ) and comes with it is the increase of Territorial Mission’s level. However, he will one-shot you if you are at Rank 5 and still having incorrect Requiem sequence.
  • After the Kuva Lich retreats, the game will instead give you a small boost of Requiem Murmur. It will also reset the Anger Meter and an increasing number of available Territorial Missions ( except Kuva Lich rank 5 ).
  • You can check combination attempts on the Kuva Lich’s HUD ( image 11 ).
  • If you have correct Requiem mod, the game shows a white light indication without a slash-cut and you can continue on destroying the rest of the health bar. ( image 14 )
14. Assassination Attempt
  • If you have all 3 Requiem Mods combinations correct ( image 15 ), you will do a final blow and the game will give you a choice to either Convert the Kuva Lich or Vanquish/Kill the Kuva Lich ( image 16 ).
  • Converting the Kuva Lich will turn him/her into allies on future runs.
  • Vanquishing the Kuva Lich will kill him, giving you his/her signature weapon.
  • Either choice will return you all of the stolen rewards in the aftermath ( image 17 ).
15. Correct Combination
16. Fate Decision
17. Mission Rewards

Requiem Relic System

There are 5 reward types in the Requiem Relic:

  1. Riven Silver shard: Collecting 10 of them for a Riven Mod. You can contact Palladino, Red Veil’s messenger in Chains Of Harrow – now locates in Iron Wake ( Earth ), to trade for the Riven Mod.
  2. 1200 Kuva Resources
  3. Ayatan Amber Star for Ayatan Sculptures.
  4. 2 types of Requiems mod for each rank of Requiem Relic.
  5. Exilus Weapon Slot for Weapons.

You can farm these relics in Kuva Siphon ( 25% drop chance )/Flood ( 100% drop chance ) and unlock these in Kuva Fortress’s Relic missions. The Thralls will also have a chance to drop a Relic when you do a Mercy Finisher onto them.

13. The Requiem Relic

Guide Summary

  • Kill Kuva Larvling to spawn a Kuva Lich.
  • Research the Kuva Lich’s information.
  • Farm all 8 types of Requiem Mods.
  • Locate and kill Kuva Lich’s Thralls to spawn Kuva Lich and to know possible Known Requiem Mod within the correct combination.
  • Match up the correct Requiem Mod Combo.
  • Fight, deplete and destroy all Kuva Lich’s health bar with the correct Combo.
  • Choose to kill or convert the Kuva Lich.

Tips and Tricks

Instead of doing the standard strategy, you can try the Brute Force strategy:

  • Rank up the Kuva Lich to the maximum level of 5 since the anger meter of Kuva Lich doesn’t reset and the number of available Territorial missions increases.
  • For the Parazon, put random Requiem mods to test out the combo on the first few tries. If there is/are Unlocked Requiem Murmur(s) then put it on one/two of the three slots and use the remaining slot(s) with a random Requiem Mod.
  • With this strategy, you can also unlock Requiem Murmur faster as well, resulting in an easier way to solve the correct combination.

Speedrun Strategy

  • If on a perfect attempt, you should be able to finish the Kuva Lich in 30 minutes.
  • If you have unlocked all 3 murmurs and at rank 5 of kuva lich but knowing 2/3 requiem mod order in a correct combination then the run should end under 2.5 hours.
  • The strategy is to put builds in a correct weakness to deal good chunk of damage to the Kuva Lich if he appears.
  • The first mission when you kill the Kuva Larvling, choose a correct Progenitor Warframe as a base for the Kuva Lich’s bonus weapon.
  • Use your melee weapon with a good range ( 6.5m+ ) all of the time and when he appears, use all of the combos you stored earlier to Heavy Attack ( MMB ) to drain his Health Bar faster.
  • Do this strategy with Saryn when Kuva Lich’s rank is lower than 4 since she can clear room extremely fast and the missions are on easy levels to handle. Do with Inaros when Kuva Lich’s rank is above 4 since he’s the tankiest and the missions are extremely hard with high-level enemies.
  • Check the weapon’s Elemental Bonus, if it is under 40% or with a Kuva weapon that you owned but lower Elemental Bonus then Convert the Kuva Lich, else Vanquish the Lich to get his weapon.
  • As soon as you complete making your builds, go straight to any mission that can complete fast OR spawn a lot of Thralls in a short amount of time. ( Recommending these mission types: Exterminate, Sabotage, Capture, Survival, Disruption ).
  • Kill the Thralls with normal attack and leave them bleed out if there’s a prom to do Mercy Finisher. However, this is not recommended since doing Mercy Finisher can give you a chance to get a Requiem Relic. This will depend on your playstyle.
  • If the Kuva Lich spawns, start damaging him and do a Mercy Finisher on him, do not care about failing as this will add more Murmurs Bonus if you fail and let you know a possible correct Requiem mod in the Combination.
  • If you unlock a Known Requiem, put it on any slots and check if that’s correct on the next run with other random Requiem mods.

Kuva Weapons

Kuva Version vs Vanilla Version

No.Kuva WeaponVanilla Version Comparison
1Kuva DragkoonShrapnel projectiles do not slow down after ricocheting; bigger magazine and shorter reload time.
2Kuva KarakShorter reload time, lower recoil, and greater accuracy.
3Kuva KohmHigher rate of fire.
4Kuva OgrisFires semi-automatically (instead of the charging trigger); smaller magazine, but greater damage.
5Kuva QuartakkFires single shots in full-auto when fired from the hip; semi-auto fires four shots simultaneously while aiming; shorter reload time.
6Kuva TonkorShorter reload time, higher critical and status chance, higher base damage.
7Kuva BrakkHigher rate of fire, magazine capacity, and shorter reload time.
8Kuva KrakenFires in three-shot (instead of two-shot) bursts; Alternate Fire shoots all remaining ammunition in the magazine in a quick burst; higher rate of fire, magazine capacity and shorter reload time.
9Kuva SeerProjectiles have a small Corrosive burst. Higher rate of fire, magazine capacity, and zoom factor
10Kuva Twin StubbasAkimbo variant; higher rate of fire and magazine capacity.
11Kuva ChakkhurrNew Weapon: A Kuva rifle that has small explosive rounds. Low fire0rate but can deliver high critical damage with decent status chance
12Kuva ShildegNew Weapon: A Kuva hammer that does heavy critical damage toward armored enemies but having low attack speed at the cost.
13Kuva AyangaNew Weapon: A Kuva Arch-gun that fire explosive arch-rounds. Deals high critical damage but only Impact and explosive with high fall off damage at the cost
14Kuva NukorUpgrade version toward Nukor with higher Critical status and Status Chance but sacrifice lower IPS. In addition, Kuva Nukor can chain up to 4 enemies, dealing damage toward multiple enemies at once.
15Kuva BrammaNew Weapon: An Explosive Kuva Bow weapon that deals with high critical damage and can instantly explode with a large blast on impact. In addition, players can trigger the explosive with Alternative Fire ( Mouse 3 – MMB ). Players can easily die if not careful, however.
16Kuva HindAn upgrade version to the Hind with higher overall status but longer reload at the cost. It also introduces five-round Burst and semi-automatic fire, all of which can be selected through the Alternative Fire ( Mouse 3 – MMB ).

Weapon’s Elemental Damage Determination

Kuva Weapons are also having additional elemental damage coming with the base IPS damage, ranging from 25% to 60%. These elemental are based on the Progenitor Warframe that is used in the completion of the Kuva Larvling mission.

Kuva ElementalProgenitor Warframe
ImpactBaruuk, Gauss, Grendel, Rhino, Wukong, Zephyr
HeatChroma, Ember, Inaros, Nezha, Vauban, Wisp
ToxinAtlas, Ivara, Khora, Nekros, Nidus, Oberon, Saryn
ElectricityBanshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Nova, Valkyr, Volt
ColdFrost, Gara, Hildryn, Revenant, Titania, Trinity
RadiationAsh, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavia
MagneticHarrow, Hydroid, Mag, Mesa

Additional Reward From Elemental Determination

The Lich will have 20% chance to drop an additional Ephemera based on the Elemental Determination. This drop will drop whenever the player kills the Lich or convert the Lich.


  • If you convert the Kuva Lich, he or she would be thankful and will co-operate with you since you spared them from the queen influences
  • There are 336 possible chances for a correct combo.
  • After vanquishing the Kuva Lich, his/her weapon can be claimed in the foundry without crafting or the need for a weapon slot. However, the weapon won’t have Orokin Catalyst installed.
  • The combination is totally random, there is no certain pattern for each kuva lich. This randomization is also applied for the Kuva Lich’s certain elemental damage bonus.

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