This guide will help you in completing the Hallowed Flame Event that is happening till the end of October 31st 2019.

Mission Details

  • This event is based on Sanctuary Onslaught but at a faster rate and in a higher pressure phase.
  • This mission is better to do with a team to keep up the pacing.
  • Clan leaderboards are active for this event. However, the clan won’t get any reward if they reach top ranks.

Mission Rewards

Mission TypesLevelMission RequirementsMission Rewards
Survival 115-205 Minutes1x Orokin Catalyst
Survival 225-357 Minutes1x Forma
Survival 335-5010 Minutes1x Aura Forma
Endless 50+900 Points ( 15m45s ) Naberus Ephemera & Stratos Emblem

Guidance Information

  • Bring a DPS ( Damage Per Second ) or enemy speed manipulation ( like Nova ) Warframe is the best recommendation for this mission.
  • There are many containers throughout the map that spawn enemies, save those if your Arlo’s Light is low on light.
  • First, kill the Zealoid Baston to drop the light. You will have 5 seconds to prepare the moment you pick up the light.
  • Second, go to a hotspot that has a red circle on the map. Kill as many enemies as you can that are in Arlo’s Light range ( indicated by a blue light ).
  • Remember if the kill ratio is dropping then the range of Arlo’s Light will be also dropped. This will be crucial as you must kill the enemies as fast and as much as you can else it will be harder for you to kill the enemies.
  • Don’t try to find the caches as the rewards are not worth it.
  • For Endurance run, stay at least 16 minutes to get the reward from the mission.

Mission Recommended Builds

Nova Speed Build For Hallowed Flame Event
Catchmoon Build for Hallowed Flame Event
Guandao Build For Hallowed Flame Event

Tips and Tricks

  • Do slide attack with your melee weapon ( it must have high damage when performing the slide attack ) to sustain Arlo’s Light consistency.
  • Only shooting the catchmoon if your Arlo’s Light percentage is high ( which means the immune disability range will be large ).
  • Save the Brood Mothers until your Arlo’s Light percentage is low since each maggot spawned from Brood Mothers does count as 10%.
  • There are some large pumpkin containers spawning enemies that spawn around the map. Use it as your advantage.


  • The higher base level of the mission means Arlo’s Light percentage dropping rate will be increased. You will reach the danger zone ( Arlo’s Light will flash red if you are at 30% or lower indicates the danger zone ) extremely fast.
  • Kill from teammates that are outside Arlo’s Light zone won’t count.

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