This Garuda build guide will teach you how to build garuda builds that can utilize most out of her ability gear and provide you with information on how to use these builds.

Warframe Abilities

Abilities Summary:

  • Passive – Death’s Gate: Damage from Garuda’s abilities and her weapon will increase when her HP drops lower.
  • Dread Mirror: Shred the targets life force into a shield that can absorb damage. The damage then cumulates into a projectile orb. This orb will not disappear until Garuda decides to throw it.
  • Blood Altar: Garuda impales the enemy onto her talon. The impaled target then turns into a healing post for Garuda and her allies.
  • Bloodletting: Garuda reduces her health for energy.
  • Seeking Talons: Garuda stores her talons energy to launch to the enemy. Hold the ability to expand the effective range. Enemies that are hit by this ability will bleed.


  • Dread Ward: Garuda turns immortal for a short duration if the target is instantly killed by Dread Mirror.

Garuda Builds

Garuda Eidolon Hunter ( Tridolon ) | DPS Role Loadout

Garuda Tridolon Build
Rubico Prime Tridolon Build
Pyrana Prime Tridolon Build
Sarpa Tridolon Build

Build Usage

  • Use this build as a traditional DPS in Tridolons.
  • Different from Chroma uses, Garuda will have to follow this strategy to do one-hit damage to the Eidolon:
  1. First, start to spam Sarpa’s charge attack until you get 20 combo ( this will reduce Eidolons armor down quite significantly by 90%.
  2. Drain all of your HP until you have 2 HP remains ( this will boost Garuda’s weapon damage by 100% ).
  3. When the Eidolon armor is gone OR when he is about to recover, switch your weapon to activate Vigorous Swap‘s buff.

Build Notes

This build is extremely difficult to use, make sure to master DPS role as Chroma in Tridolon first before trying this strategy out.

Garuda Traditional Tridolon Build

Build Usage

  1. Only drain Garudas HP when necessary.
  2. Keep Blood Altar active and stay close to the abilities proximity to sustain the amount of health.
  3. Use Dread Mirror often since the abilities shield blocks damage.
  4. Activate Seeking Talons to inflict consistent slash damage toward the enemy. This will be extremely useful if you have Condition Overload or Growing Power.



  • Garudas kit is very tactical to play.
  • Can inflict a very good amount of damage, supporting the teammate extremely well.
  • Garudas abilities can block damage, do damage that bypasses shields and sustain her health constantly.


  • She doesn’t have any damage reduction, which means Garuda can be killed really quick if acts slowly.
  • Long casting animations.
  • Seeking Talons is limited, which means it won’t afflict some enemies within range.
  • Her Dread Mirror only shield her on camera’s field of view, result in Garuda’s vulnerability on her back.

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