This guide will help you to utilize Equinox Prime’s mechanics and abilities. Furthermore, it will guide you on how to build an effective and efficient Equinox Prime.

What you need to know

  • She has two forms to use.
  • She is the only Warframe who has abilities to level-up extremely quick.
  • Her abilities can be manipulative to the enemy mechanics just like Nova; meanwhile, she can be a very good DPS.
  • Her passive acts like a certain mod called Equilibrium.
  • Her damage reduction is pretty weak, don’t expect to use her during endurance runs such as Survival or solo Defense.

Ability Breakdown

Abilities Details

Abilities Summary

  • Metamorphosis: Switch between Equinox’s two forms.
  • Rest & Rage: Night: Put enemies to sleep. | Day: Boost enemies speed up.
  • Pacify & Provoke: Night: Reduce incoming damage. | Day: Increase allies Power Strength.
  • Mend & Maim: Night: During activation: Increase allies shield for each enemy killed / When Deactivate: Restores health/shield to herself and her allies. | Day: During activation: Enemies are inflicted with bleed-out slash effect. / When Deactivate: Releasing a slashing force.


  • Duality: Equinox splits her other self free for a certain amount of time., the clone has a high damage boost.
  • Calm and Frenzy: Killing an enemy will spread the effect for the remaining duration.
  • Peaceful Provocation: Night: Converts received damage done to allies in Equinox’s aura to a slow down effect. | Day: Converts damage that is given to enemies to an extra Power Strength boost.
  • Energy Transfer: Stored hit-point from the ability will not be drained and the ability will not deactivate during Equinox’s Metamorphosis.

Equinox Builds

Equinox Affinity Farming Build

Equinox Affinity Farming Build
Equinox XP Farming Build


  • Equip the mods, Hush or Suppressor if you are using Primary or Secondary Weapons in order to avoid alerting enemies

Build Usage

  • Aim at the enemies and cast Rest & Rage in night form since the night forms mend and main makes the enemies go to sleep which will make it easier for you to land a finisher.
  • Make sure every enemy in the room falls asleep so no alert can be raised and affect nearby rooms.
  • Kill these enemies quickly since Rest & Rage does have a limited 30-second duration.
  • If the enemy is not dead on the first hit do not attack them and wait until you can recast Rest & Rage on them again.
Rest & Rage casts
  • With the Calm & Frenzy augment equipped, killing an enemy will transfer the effect of Rest & Rage to nearby enemies.
Calm & Frenzy Augment Effect

Recommend to use this build on Sedna – Adaro to get the largest sum of stealth affinity.

Usage Summary

  • Rest & Rage every enemy in the room.
  • Kill the affected enemies as fast as possible.

Build Summary


  • This build can level up any weapon extremely fast


  • Energy consuming
  • Enemies can still be alerted if they randomly walks into the room that you have just petrified.

Equinox DPS Build

Equinox DPS Build

Build Usage

  • Activate Pacify & Provoke (Day form) to boost ability strength. Enhance this ability by using the Peaceful Provocation augment.
  • When Pacify & Provoke is active, kill as many enemies as you can to increase the ability power strength boost to its maximum number.
  • When Pacify & Provoke has reached its maximum boost, activates Mend & Maim.
  • With Mend & Maim active, kill as many enemies as you can with your weapon to increase the release accumulated damage when the ability is deactivated. You can see how much the output damage of Mend & Main is on the top right of your screen while the ability is active.
Mend & Main Deactivation

Build Notes

  • The accumulate output damage of Mend & Maim is increased by Pacify & Provoke and the builds Power Strength.

Usage Summary

  • Activate Pacify & Provoke with the Peaceful Provocation augment and kill the enemies to reach maximum Power Strength boost.
  • Activate Mend & Main and kill the enemies to increase the accumulate output damage when deactivating the ability.
  • Deactivate Mend & Main at any time.

Build Summary


  • Can deal massive amount of damage
  • Can boost a significant amount of Power Strength to you and your allies.
  • This build does heal extremely well when Equinox is in night form.


  • Equinox Prime can be killed easily due to not having defensive mods.
  • If nullifiers touch you, you have to reactivate and restack everything back up.

Equinox Prime Pros and Cons


  • She is fast to level up
  • Can clear a room extremely fast due to high damage from her Mend & Maim
  • She can boost her allies Power Strength extremely well, making her one of the best support in the game.


  • She can get killed pretty fast
  • She is an energy demanding Warframe.

Warframe Conclusion Rank: A+

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