This guide will teach you how you can complete the Disruption mode that is available across the star chart in Warframe. It will also give you speedrun tips and information that you need to know in order to understand this game-mode well.

Mission Details


There are 7 Disruption missions around the star chart, which 3 special missions that have enemies dropping other loots that are not mentioned in the missions drop table these are: Dark Sector Disruption on Uranus, Lua Disruption and Kuva Disruption.


  1. Using a tanky Warframe ( ex : Inaros, Nidus, Chroma, etc )
  2. Bringing Crowd Control accessories to stop the Demolish: Max Rank Zenurik’s Temporal Blast, Max Rank Exodia Epidemic and Magus Lockdown.
  3. A strong melee weapon with Condition Overload, go with a secondary weapon that can proc IPS ( Impact, Puncture, Slash ) and it’s own elemental damage.
  4. A Smeeta Kavat for good buff effects
  5. A team would be faster for this mission but is not required.
  6. During the run, no conduit must be destroyed in order to sustain the drop table.

Buffs and Debuffs

All Planets

The following buffs and debuffs below are applicable for all planets.


  • Affinity Boost: Increase Affinity gain by 50%, does stack with Affinity Booster.
  • Resources Boost: Increase resources gain by 50%, does stack with Resources Booster.
  • Credits Boost: Increase credits gain by 50%, does stack with Credits Booster.
  • Tenno Weapon Lifesteals: Damaging enemies with your weapon will increase your HP.
  • Conduit Resupply: All available conduits will resupply with Ammos, Health and Energy pickups.
  • Firerate Boost: All available Tenno gain Fire-rate boost.
  • Speed Boost: All available Tenno increased speed.


  • Enemy Speed Enhancement: Enemy speed is increased.
  • Enemy Damage Enhancement: Enemy damage is increased by 150%.
  • Enemy Armor Enhancement: Enemy armor is increased.
  • Enemy Shield Enhancement: Enemy shield is increased.
  • Enemy Specific Elemental Enhancement: Enemy’s specific elemental damage is added to their weapon.
  • Enemy Ability Resistance: Enemy will not be affected by the Tenno’s abilities.
  • Enemy Damage Resistance: Enemies get lower damage from the Tenno.
  • Stronger Amalgam – Demolyst: Enemies that are carried the Conduit bomb will have higher health than normal.
  • Eximus Wave: In that wave will spawn more Eximus than normal.
  • Electrified Conduit: Conduits will turn into an Arc Trap.
  • System Overload: Enable all traps within the map.
  • Energy Drain Mode: Tenno’s Energy will drain with a rate of 0.1s.
  • Shield Drain Mode: Same with Debuff’s 12. Energy Drain Mode but it is for Tenno’s shield with a rate of 0.19s.
  • Health Drain mode: Same with Debuff’s 13-14. This is for Tenno’s Health with a rate of 0.3s.
  • Minefield: Spawn traps and mines throughout the map.

Certain Missions

The following debuffs below are applicable for certain planets / missions.

Sedna And Kuva Fortress:

  1. Pack Hunters: Hyekka Masters, Drahk Masters and Manics spawns constantly.
  2. Security Alerts: Activates all turrets throughout the map.

Uranus :

  1. Brood Surge: Infested Spawn Pods spawns constantly throughout the map.

Lua :

  1. Moonquakes: Activate lasers and low gravity environment.
  2. Sentient Influx: Oculyst will spawn constantly, if being provoked or scanned a Tenno, other Sentient will spawn to assist the Oculyst.
  3. Magnetic Anomalies: Magnetic’s Clouds / Bubbles will spawn throughout the map.
  4. Nullifying Conduits: Conduits will project nullifying the field around it.


  1. Ghoul Eruption: Ghoul enemies will spawn constantly throughout the map.


  1. Robotic Onslaught: Robotic enemies will spawn more often.
  2. Nullifying Conduits: Conduits will project nullifying field around it.


Wave IWave IIWave IIIWave IV

If one tower is destroyed then the last drop table rank in one wave will be terminated ( Ex: Failing on wave IV with 1 tower destroyed will cause the drop table of wave IV to turn into this: ABCX ). Failing all 4 Towers will cause the mission to fail.



PlanetsDrop ADrop BDrop C
MarsLith 16.67% Lith 16.67%Meso 14.29%
JupiterMeso 5.56%Neo 5.56%Axi 5%
UranusMeso 14.29%Neo 14.29%Neo 13.56%
Neptune20K Credits ( x2 Boosters )30K Credits ( x2 Boosters )50K Credits ( x2 Boosters )
SednaMeso 14.29%Neo 14.29%Axi 10.2%
LuaNeo 14.29%Axi 14.29%Axi 12.42%
Kuva100 Kuva ( x2 Boosters )200 Kuva ( x2 Boosters ) 350 Kuva ( x2 Boosters )

Special Drops

These rewards only drop if you kill the Demo Unit :

  1. For Uranus: Acceltra and Akarius Blueprints 1.25%
  2. For Lua: Somatic Fibers which is used for Lua Lens crafting 15%
  3. For Kuva Fortress: 100 Kuva 100%.

Mission Guides


  • Do this mission solo or with a team, recommended to go with the latter.
  • When starting the mission, all teammates should stay in one room so enemies can spawn only in one map. Make sure to kill important enemies such as Demolishers / Eximus to drop a key.
  • Go to the tower that has the same color as the picked up key.
  • Your team can extinguish which key is picked up and which is not by looking at the left hud information. If highlighted then it is a picked up key, else it is not picked up and you have to kill special enemies to drop it or search it on the map.
  • Listen to alarm sounds made by Demo to pinpoint them.


  • Observe: If you do the special missions with a team, your teammates have to go to the latest location where the demo was killed. This is crucial for Kuva Disruption so the drop rate for Kuva becomes 100%


  • In order to reach the drop table C, all 4 towers must be successfully defended on wave 3/4/7/8 and so on.
  • It’s recommended to leave on wave 8 as going longer will be more difficult to do and the reward doesn’t scale.

Mission Builds


Inaros Disruption Build

Inaros Disruption Build

Dex Furis Disruption Build

Dex Furis Disruption Build

Ohma Disruption Build

Ohma Disruption Build

Kuva Mission

Ohma Kuva Disruption Build

Ohma Kuva Disruption build

Build Usage

  • Inaros’s abilities are not necessarily needed.
  • Stay in Operator Void Mode as much as you can and attack only if you have stunned or immobilized the Demos. ( do this if you go on an Endless run )
  • It is crucial to shoot the Demo with Dex Furis first before slide-attacking with your Ohma since it will trigger the Condition Overload buff, adding 300% additional elemental damage. ( 350% for the Kuva Ohma build )
  • Make sure to use everything you have to stop the Demo from moving to the Conduit Towers.

Speedrun Tips

  • Do this with a team of Novas.
  • Teammates should split into 4 directions for 4 Conduit Towers.
  • All Novas must use the portal to reach the objective quickly.
  • Stay in one room and kill every enemy to drop all 4 keys then proceeds to the Conduits.
  • Use the alarm sounds made by the Demo to quickly pinpointing them and Slide attack to finish them off quickly.
  • Reach to the extraction once all 4 towers are done.


  • Spare keys are possible if you or your team picked up the key. However if not picked up and the same color conduit is activated then the spare key will disappear.
  • Little Duck will assist you on all planets of this mission except Jupiter, which Ordis is taking charge of.
  • Sometimes Demos will be stuck in their spawn room, search for them in small rooms around the Conduit. If you hear an alarm sound then you have located them.

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