This guide will help you to build Banshee Prime and teach you a variety of strategies to use in order to maximize her available utilities.

Warframe Abilities

Abilities Summary

  • Sonic Boom: Banshee emits a shockwave that deals impact damage and knocks down enemies.
  • Sonar: Banshee release a radar wave that signals nearby enemies with their weak points, current location and status of alertness.
  • Silence: Mutes her weapon and stuns nearby enemies for a few seconds.
  • Sound Quake: Releases ultrasonic reverberation that stuns enemies within range while delivers blast damage to them.


  • Sonic Fracture: Strips off enemy’s armor.
  • Resonance: Killing Sonar affected enemies in the given weak-spot will transfer the effect to the nearby enemies with the remain ability’s duration.
  • Savage Silence: Finisher damage increases when activating the ability.
  • Resonating Quake: Release a single large shockwave that deals bonus damage by 20 times at the epic-center. Damage reduces when the shockwave expands, however.

Augments Tips And Tricks

  • Power Strength at 144% will strip off the enemy’s armor in one Sonic Boom cast.
  • Lower the Power Duration to it’s minimum in order to use Savage Silence for XP farming just like Equinox Prime.
  • Deactivate Resonating Quake when it reaches to the maximum range and reactivate to both conserve energy and maximize the damage.

Banshee Builds

Endurance Survival Build


  • Your team must have one Octavia that can help your team in invisibility and an Energy Vampire Trinity ( Prime ).

Build Usage

  • Don’t do this solo in an endurance run
  • Cast Sonar 10 seconds in intervals to keep consistency for both you and your allies to do damage.
  • Cast Sonic Boom to strip off enemy’s armor.
  • The Energy Vampire Trinity will help you with energy, however, make sure to keep an eye on it and use Energy Pads if you run low on energy.
  • Make sure to stay in Octavia’s Metronome’s invisibility to avoid getting alerts and be killed instantly.

Usage Summary


  • Banshee is being one of the most supportive frame with this build.
  • Can deliver huge chunk of damage.
  • Can strip off armor.


  • One slip and you get killed.
  • Energy consumptive.

Resonating Quake DPS Build

Build Usage

  • Simply activate Sound Quake ( Resonating Quake equipped ). Deactivate once the ability reaches its culminating point and reactivate since Resonating Quake’s lowest damage is on the highest possible range that the ability can give.

Usage Summary


  • Can instantly kill a group of enemies in large range within the first second of the ability casts.


  • The ability is weakened severely when the ability is activated for a longer period of time.

Veteran Solo Survival Challenge Build

Challenge Detail

  • This challenge is located on Mot – Void.
  • It is required to do at least 40 minutes or above SOLO.
  • No supportive arcanes from your Warframe or Operator are allowed to be used. Any operator’s abilities that don’t affect the Warframe status are however allowed.

Essential Usage Tips

There are a variety of strategies that can be used for this particular build. There are some crucial tips to remember:

  • Stay in cover.
  • Use any weapon that has an area of effect ( AoE ) to control the area.
  • Maintain your available energy and the missions life support.

Build Usage


  • None


  • Extreme difficult challenge.
  • Banshee is one-hit killed within the first minute of the mission.



  • Banshee is one of the best supportive in the game.
  • She can deal huge chunk of damage.
  • Can instant strip enemy’s armor with just a simple Umbral mod.
  • Have a varieties of strategies and gameplay from her build.


  • Extremely squishy.
  • Energy consumptive.
  • No defensive on her abilities.

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